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Advanced Testing

Your brain is the master controller of your body. It actively coordinates the health and function of all of the systems of your body. When multiple symptoms, medications or chronic conditions are present, this can indicate dis-function in how the systems of your body are working or communicating with your brain. To properly determine what can be contributing to your brain function, overall health and/or symptoms, our team may recommend one or more of the following test for greater insight for a corrective plan of action.

DNA Pharmaceutical Testing

This allows us to see which psychotropic medications will most likely work well with your DNA type.

Spiral strand of DNA on the dark background

Metabolic DNA Testing

This allows us to see what environmental and physiological factors are causing you to exhibit symptoms as a result of your DNA type. This may include some adverse food types, vitamins, metals and minerals and other factors that lead to physical and emotional symptoms.

Functional Neurometabolic Labs

This will allow our functional medicine provider to see the health and function of the systems of your body as a whole to understand precisely where you need more or less support to optimize brain health and healing. From hormones, neurotransmitters, microbiota, vitamin and minerals, to insulin and blood sugar regulation, these are just a few of the foundational aspects that directly impact the function of your body and the expression of enhanced brain health.

Pharmaceutical lab equipment

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