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Group Classes

Group learning are classes that allow peer to peer connections that build community support and guidance for specific needs and outcomes. Many of our clients combine a mixture of our services to gain the one on one insight and then the group support that our classes offer for enhanced results.

Mindfulness Class

Learn life-changing tips and techniques for maintaining mindfulness during a crisis such as the current pandemic. Follow guided meditations from a licensed and experienced Clinical Mental Health Therapist and advice that you can apply right now to enhance your mental health awareness and mindfulness.

Weight Loss

This class includes the initial consultation and a personalized treatment plan, as well as a kit with supplies you will need to be successful in the program. Start your journey to your goal weight with professional assistance and motivation.

Teen DBT

This class will focus on learning Dialectical Behavioral skills to help manage difficult emotions in order to minimize problematic behaviors that make it difficult to maintain relationships. Primary areas of focus will be mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal relationship skills. 

Parents/Caregivers Who have Children with Emotional Difficulties

This group began when a parent in our community asked us to host a group to support parents. It is for parents/grandparents who have children with emotional diagnosis that they are managing at home, or out of the home. Come get support navigating the daily emotional rollercoaster that comes with having a special needs child with emotional difficulties. Share tips, resources and support from other parents who have similar circumstances at home.


Teen Anxiety and Depression group - ages 14-19, Sundays, 2pm

This is a specialized group to get support, identify coping strategies and learn real world solutions in identifying and managing stress, relationships, responsibilities, social pressure and impulsivity.

Trans Teens and Questioning - ages 13-19, Sundays, 11am

This group is here to offer support for teens who are questioning, or identify as Transgender, to come together in a safe, private space. The group will cover topics such as anxiety, dysphoria, school, family dynamics, confidence, social media and more. Parental Consent is Required to participate.

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