Women’s Connect Group Saturdays 1:00PM

Women’s Connect Group—Forming Now!

Worried woman setting the table

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, lonely or worried and have no one to just VENT to?

Does everyone you tell just want to give you advice, but won’t just listen???

Join Professional Facilitator Linda Davis, LPC, for a private, safe place for women to connect, de-stress and not feel alone in managing their daily lives.

*Registration is Easy!*

E-mail: appointment@saptherapist.com

Call SFS: (480) 252-5152

Get to know Linda Davis, LPC, on her page HERE.


Parenting Workshop Enrolling Now!

Heart made from hands

Parenting Connect Workshop—Enrolling Now!

Parents of Children of all ages welcome.

“An Introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach…”

At your wit’s end, confused, or not sure if you’re doing the parenting thing right?

Come for the cutting-edge expert advice you’ve been looking for!

Presented by Advanced Trainer Janine Stanley, LPC! Get to know her HERE.

*Registration is Easy!*

E-mail: appointment@saptherapist.com

Call SFS: (480) 252-5152

If you or a friend/family member needs the assistance of a licensed counselor or psychiatrist, we offer quality over-the-phone and in person sessions to help fit any personal needs.

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