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Teen Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Class

This class will focus on learning Dialectical Behavioral skills to help manage difficult emotions in order to minimize problematic behaviors that make it difficult to maintain relationships. Primary areas of focus will be mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal relationship skills. 

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What This Class Is All About


We offer specialized Psychiatry services to help you grow as a person and improve symptoms you may be experiencing.

Emotional Regulation

Learning how to name ones own emotion, then how to manage it before it is untamable, with coping skills development and application to the emotions one can experience.

Distress Tolerance

Learning to tolerate emotional pain, and accepting what we cannot control.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Learning new ways to interact with authority figures and peers, promoting a feeling of inclusion and support vs. isolation and resentment.

Limited Spots Available!

Laura Knapp


Laura brings 8 years of experience of working with youth and their families. This includes teaching DBT skills for a treatment group, to being a therapist at a residential home for teens in Phoenix for a year and a half.

1 Class Package

6 Class Package

10 Class Package

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