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TeleMedicine, TeleHealth, & Virtual Mental Health Services

Providers at Strategies for Success will meet you where you are comfortable. Online telehealth counseling sessions, telehealth psychiatric services, and telephone sessions are available. All therapeutic services are conducted through state-of-the-art HIPPA compliant software, so you can be assured your service is always safe and confidential. We are also able to provide in-person sessions on a limited basis. You are not alone.

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What is Telehealth and Why Would I Want it?

Counseling can be whatever you need it to be. You may need assistance getting your psychiatry medications to manage your anxiety or depression, and we can help. Whether you need support processing heavy emotions, problem solving areas you feel stuck, or having a safe space to let your guard down and ‘be seen’. We are here for you. Our secure Clocktree telehealth system allows us to meet wherever you’re comfortable. We can meet in your home, comfy nook in your living room, office, or even your car, all with the security and Privacy you need while staying safe.

Your Services may be free!

As access to mental health support becomes ever more important during this period of change, many insurance providers are waiving copays and deductible fees for counseling and psychiatry care. Many companies also have employee assistance providers (EAP) which offer counseling sessions at no cost.

As we are working online, services are available throughout the entire state of Arizona, and have compassionate, qualified counselors and psychiatry professionals to ready to assist!

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